From the Vault...

01.01.06: Happy New Year!
Just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy new year. We're working our little fingers to the bone to find a permanent rehearsal space so we can start kicking ass and taking names again. 

To everyone who's been asking when we're going to be playing shows, I say: NOT SOON ENOUGH, but hopefully in a few months. And thanks to you all for your super-sweet, encouraging emails. It really helped us through a dark time, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. I've said it before and I'll say it again...our fans are THE BEST!
  Check out some new stuff in the Fan Art Gallery

12.05.05: New members...FINALLY!
Yeah, ya heard me kiddies. After much screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth, we finally got ourselves a brand-spanking-new drummer AND bassist. Guess I owe the fat man in the red suit a little bit more than milk and cookies this year. Hmmmm...

Anyhoo, I'd just like to say for the record that WE ARE NOT A CHICK BAND! Just because we have a few of 'em. JJB is still a real boy. As far as we know.

And no, I have no idea when our first show will be, but I promise to let you know as soon as we're ready.


  Say hi to Mary, our new bassist
  Say hi to Damnique, our new drummer

09.12.05: Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief
Until further notice, all proceeds from the sales of bLEEd on CD Baby and iTunes will be donated to the Red Cross' Disaster Relef Fund. So if you haven't picked up a copy yet, now's your chance to get the music you want AND donate to a good cause.

Our hearts go out to our friends and fans in New Orleans... 

  bLEEd, sweat and tears

08.10.05: Direct Link to iTunes
Okay, so you guys have been downloading the stuff like crazy, and we couldn't be happier. But I still manage to get a lot of email about where to find it on iTunes. So our lovely guitarist Mr. JJB made a shortcut for you to make the search a little easier. Ain't that nice of him?

Don't forget, you can still hear streaming versions of the songs on MySpace, and it's also a great place to stalk other missing: fans. Did I say stalk? I meant meet.


06.19.05: Revolver Magazine and a new interview!
Do you know how fucking cool it is to get a mention in Revolver magazine? Well, we do! Run out immediately and buy 8 zillion copies of the August issue and impress your friends that you know a band in the world's loudest metal magazine.

Oh, what the hell. I'll ruin the surprise for you and put it right here:

You can also now find us at MySpace and hear full-length versions of all the clips on this site, courtesy of our lovely guitarist, Mr. JJB. Feel free to write to him and send him naked pictures of yourself and your friends.

Still itching for more missing:? Go read the new interview by Metal Core Fanzine. You can't buy 8 zillion copies of it, but you can read it 8 zillion times. If you were so inclined. Which I hope to god you aren't.

Technically, we're still looking for a drummer. But since we've been doing so well without the little fucker, we're beginning to reconsider. Email us anyway and see where we stand!

06.04.05: iTunes!
It was almost exactly one month ago that we yelled at you to patient, and it has paid off big time...the missing: is finally on iTunes! So now you lucky bastards can download our shit directly to your iPod or computer or whatever for just 99 cents a song, or for free if you're a Pepsi whore like myself and collect the free bottlecaps. 

Mmmmmmmmm....Pepsi whore... 

05.06.05: New interviews! Satellite Radio!
Two brand-spankin'-new interviews are up on two great sites: Space Junkies and Maximum Metal. Maximum Metal even made us their Monthly Spotlight artist, which kicks so much ass it hurts. Go there and waste precious moments of your life reading about how much we rule.

We recently managed to slip our CD into the hands of XM Satellite Radio. Even if you don't have the service, feel free to beg, plead and wheedle them to play our CD 24 hours a day by e-mailing them here.

And finally, yes, we're still waiting for iTunes, which is becoming very fucking irritating. We're also signed up to a bunch of other sites like Etherstream, Rhapsody and MusicNet, but they appear to be as slow as iTunes when it comes to getting the stuff up and running. So please: be patient! We'll let you know as soon as the songs are up!

04.08.05: Reviews and interview
Check out the new reviews of bLEEd (more to come) as well as the latest interview on Female Musicians Online. They even made a cool banner out of my screaming, psycho show face. Why? Because they like me! C-R-A-Z-Y... 

Much love to FMO and Maximum Metal for the great reviews and support!

03.30.05: Like Hotcakes
Many, many thanks to those of you who picked up a copy of our latest CD, bLEEd. Those suckers are selling out at CD Baby and as fast as we can ship them! Which is not a bad thing. For us. Woo-hoo!

We'd also like to thank everyone who has posted reviews of the CD, as well as everyone who has sent us positive feedback via email. It truly warms my twisted little heart to read such nice things. *sniff*

For those who keep asking, the songs are not yet up on iTunes, though they should be in another month or two. In their own words, iTunes takes "three weeks to three months" to get the stuff up, and we've got over one month down so far. So be patient, please!

By the way, I just found out that I'm a Metal Maiden over at Maximum Metal, which  I thought was kinda cool. Plus, they gave bLEEd an awesome review! So check out the site, catch up on the world of metal and browse the library of Women Who Rock. Go. Go now! 

And finally, if the CD keeps selling, we might actually have a few bucks to try the T-shirt thing again, which we unfortunately had to abandon some time ago. So stay tuned!

2.15.05: bLEEd

Yup, the new CD is finally ready for you all to get your greedy little hands on. At the moment, CD Baby is the place to get 'em. and iTunes will be following shortly, but frankly, we love CD Baby so much, we think you should only buy them from there anyway. (We don't make more money from them or anything, the company just plain fucking ROCKS. If you buy it from them youíll see what I mean.)


"This is a dark sound that spells rage...and I would say it definitely has a sadomasochistic charm to it..."

Buy the CD

In other news, our friends in Mahavatar just released their new CD ďGo With The NO!Ē on Cruz Del Sur Records. If you're smart, you'll buy that one too. I know I can't wait to get my copy! 

2.02.05: They're heeeeeere...
THE NEW CDs ARE IN!! That's right, our newest CD, "bLEEd" just came back from Discmakers today. Holy shit, we thought they'd never get here. It'll take about a week or two before you'll be able to buy them, but soon they'll be available on a whole bunch of online stores like, and iTunes.

We'll post the direct links to the stores as soon as they're ready. YEEEEEEEEE-HAW!

1.01.05: A new year dawns...
Thanks to all who have lent us their support over this past tumultuous year. Financial difficulties have delayed the CD release, but it is (finally) officially scheduled for completion at the end of January.

I hope 2005 brings wonderful things for you all...

12.16.04: The Axeman Cometh...
...and he doeth Aerosmith covers! Yup, our very own JJB will be filling in on guitar for The Continental's annual ďToys for TotsĒ toy drive, and the theme this year is Merry Aerosmithmas. (Hey, back off, I didn't come up with it.) Admission is either five bucks or FREE with one new, unwrapped toy, so get yer ass down there and make some kid's Christmas a little brighter.

I meant our guitarist of course, but the toy thing is nice too.

  Where the hell is The Continental?

11.17.04: Site revisions
Bear with us while we fix some shit on the site, aiight? ;)

  In the meantime, go play with yourself

09.28.04: First review of the new CD!
And it's a good one, too. *Whew!* Turns out the Managing Editor of Revolver Magazine got his hands on a copy (okay, so maybe I *shoved* a copy into his hands) and after 2 or 9 beers had lovely things to say about it. So we gotta send him a nice fruit basket or something this Christmas. (Unless he's Jewish. Then maybe a Hanukkah basket, and our resident Hebrew expert Laurie can write a note to him in his native tongue. Which I believe is Brooklyn.) 

  Go see how much someone important thinks we rule!

T-shirt Contest is still on!
You can find all the sordid details about the current T-shirt contest right here.

  Any questions?

08.19.04: Live videos from the Medusa Festival!
Okay, so our guitarist has spent the last two weeks chained up to a desk, slaving day and night over a hot computer. And for what? 

Personally, I thought he was creating some kind of freaky new computer virus. Like maybe one that looks like a program you want, so you download it and it runs okay for a little while, but it gets bugs almost right away and a month later it runs like crap and you're sorry you downloaded it in the first place, but your operating system is kind of committed to it for a few months, so you decide to use it as long as you can and then get rid of it and get a better program, when suddenly it stops working altogether and deletes itself from your hard drive, and then (except for a few missing files) your computer runs better once it's gone? Yeah, like that. I figured he'd call it drummer.v.03 or something. Tee-hee!

But no, turns out that wasn't the reason after all. And it wasn't kiddie porn either. 

Nope, he edited his little fingers to the bone and put together two live videos from the Medusa Festival at CBGB's. Just 'cause he loves us. Also, I heard it counts towards his Community Service. 

Anyhoo, he's pretty sick of looking at us. So now it's your turn! If you've always wanted to see us live but were afraid to get spit on, just click here to see what you've been missing. It's  just like a live show, only much, much smaller. And with better editing. And of course, many, many thanks to our lovely videographers: Angela, Jackie (from Sexdigital), Denny Daniels and the good folks at CBGB's. You all, collectively, rock and/or roll. 'Nuff said.

  Live Videos

08.04.04: T-shirt Contest!
So we finally broke down and decided to give the fans what they want. Shirts! Black shirts! Girly shirts! And possibly underwear! And all with our name on it! Problem is, the only artist in the band is busily designing our CD package, and basically has a real job anyway which prevents him from spending hours upon hours designing cool shirts for us. Bastard!

But here's where you come in, or at least those of you who can draw, paint, Photoshop, illustrate, sculpt, origami or otherwise design stuff. Send us your shirt designs and concepts, and the winner gets one of everything it gets stuck onto, all the free press you can shake a stick at (if one were inclined to do so) and a copy of our brandie-new-not-even-released-yet-CD. (We might even post all the entries online and let the you guys decide what *you* like the best. How do ya like *them* apples?) 

The only real rules are: the design must have our name somewhere on it (that's the missing: in case you forgot) and the shirts will be black, so try to limit yourself to white plus one or two spot colors. All designs will be considered. If you have any questions, just e-mail me and I'll confuse you some more. And that's all I have to say about that!

In other news, we just learned that our drummer has surreptitiously removed his gear from our studio and quit the band via e-mail (not even in person!) leaving unpaid debts with two members of the band and probably causing the cancellation of our next show, which was to be at The Continental on Friday, the 13th. Should you run into him in the future, feel free to let him know what you think about that. Running into him with your car would be preferable. 


  Upcoming Shows

07.22.04: Song samples are up!
The recording went off without a hitch, except for the screaming and yelling and gnashing of teeth and and the part where the engineer wanted to kill me for being such a pain in the ass because I kept asking him to do things that made his eye bleed and we all kept hearing little noises that we thought were fuckups in the guitar or the drum tracks and would usually turn out to be me burping on the vocal track or something equally stupid. Sound like fun to you? It was, and we got it all on video! Woo-hoo!

So there are four new tracks: Broken, Belief, In Two and an updated version of The Song That Will Not Die. You know what I mean. You can hear samples on the audio/video page. Or (if you were really impatient) by clicking the links above. CDs will be available soon. Enjoy!

And don't forget, we're playing the Medusa Festival tomorrow night! That's Friday, July 23rd at CBGB's. Be there or be...somewhere else.

  Upcoming Shows

06.28.04: Medusa Festival
The lineup for the Medusa Festival has been confirmed, and it looks like itís gonna be a kickass show. Come early, stay late...itís only 10 bucks for 7 bands! You canít beat that with a stick.

Our recording dates are also confirmed for the first week of July, so hopefully the new CD will be ready to go in time for the Festival. And we're going to be announcing a Design Contest in the next few days, so if you think youíve got the skills to pay the bills, then by all mine.

I mean, design our shirts.

06.13.04: Pictures from the Don Hill's show
I finally got a chance to post pics from the last show. Many thanks to Marc B. and Jackie of Sexdigital for the great shots! We have a recording planned for the end of this month, and it looks like we'll be recording three tunes. If all goes well, the CD should be available by the end of July. 

We've got a few shows booked next month, and one looks like a Jersey gig. They're not confirmed yet, so check back from time to time. Or better yet, sign the Mailing List and you'll be the first to know. After Laurie (who does all the booking) myself and the rest of the band, of course. 

Okay, so I lied. You won't be first. But you'll find out fast.

05.25.04: Show added! New pictures are up!
Lots oí newness right here. First off, the pictures from the Continental show are up. Go to the Gallery and waste time while youíre at work! Second, we just booked a show on Wednesday, June 2nd at Don Hillís. Yeah, itís short notice, but what the hell were you doing on a Wednesday night anyway? And besides, if youíre on the Guest List, itís FREE!! 

05.03.04: Among the missing:
Yep. Not only did we manage to get a drummer, get our collective shit together and put together a show (which is on Thursday, May 6th by the way) but we also managed to snare another fine, upstanding musician who I'm sure we will ruin very shortly. So come to the show and say hello to The Evil P, who will be pulling double duty as Rhythm Guitarist *and* The Only Guy Who Knows How The Keyboard Shit/The Machine Works.

04.15.04: missing: no more!
Like a psycho stalker ignoring a restraining order, every time you think weíre gone for good we just keep coming back and screaming in your face. Sometimes, we even do it onstage. Like on May 6th.

  A show, you say?

04.04.04: A show, you say?
Yes indeedy I do! But it ain't official yet, so I can only tell you that May looks like it might be a good month for us. *hint* *hint*

02.05.04: It's about friggin' time!
Remember that drummer we were looking for forever? Well, we finally found him! (Good thing we did, too. I was just about to hang myself in the oven.)

So give a  big, sloppy, wet welcome for Patrick Swift, formerly of Frail. Woo-hoo! New pics and his very own cartoon will be coming shortly. In the meantime, you can still go take a peek at some of his old photos.

  Say hello to the new freak on the block

01.17.04: Happy New Year!
Hey kiddies, hope your year got off to a good start. We've got lots planned for the year ahead, including a new recording and, for the first time ever, missing: merchandise. I mean, who wouldn't want a thong with our picture on it? *shudder*

Thank you!!
I canít thank you all enough for your patience and kind words throughout this long, tedious period of inactivity. Your support has truly been invaluable.

Iím not gonna write you into my will or anything, but still, I appreciate it. ;)

- DM

12.13.03: Static Age
I've been asked to host a monthly music event at Two Boots on December 18th. Basically, I hosted a burlesque show last year and word got out that I was actually funny, though I've never been entirely convinced that people were laughing with me and not at me. Hmmm, you'll just have to come out and see for yourself.

  More Info

12.02.03: MP3 sucks
Our old songs are temporarily offline until I can get them to stream somewhere else. In the meantime, we have three songs available for download on our Audio/Video page. Those of you who are technologically more proficient than I can probably find them on a free site somewhere. Sorry about all this. MP3 sucks ass.

  The old MP3 site

10.02.03: Chat with the missing:
The fansite has a new host and a whole new look, plus somehow our friend and fan Melissa found the time to organize a forum for your comments, questions, and general ramblings about the missing:. I'm pretty new to this whole posting board thing, but it sounds like fun to me. So go there and chat away. Chat, damn you!

9.06.03: Tribute Album Update's up on listen to it!

  Listen to Scarecrow

8.24.03: Tribute Album Update
We just finished recording our version of "Scarecrow" for the Ministry tribute, and frankly, we're pretty damn happy about the way it turned out. It's been a long time since we recorded, so many thanks to the talented folks at Studio 900 for making the whole process a pleasant one. The song should be available online in a week or so, and we'll be submitting it to the Ministry people after that, so we should have a timetable for the finished CD shortly.

  Check out Studio 900

7.11.03: Ministry Tribute Album!
We've been asked to submit a cover for an up-and-coming Ministry tribute album. For those of you who have read through our bio or any of our interviews, you may be aware that the band name comes (in part) from the Ministry song "The Missing." Anyhoo, we're pretty excited about it, especially since the tracks are going to be selected by Al Jourgensen himself and the CD will be available on Ministry's homepage. We're borrowing the fabulous Helen Destroy, the current drummer for Laurie's side project Devil Kit to record a missing:-ized version of "Scarecrow." She's been a lot of fun to work with and frankly, we couldn't be more pleased that she's willing to help us out.

  Ministry, you say?

5.28.03: Fansite!
Our friend and fan Melissa has made a fansite featuring (you guessed it) the missing:, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn good so far. It's not completely finished yet, but she's making cool things like wallpapers, icons and animated .gifs that I would completely screw up if I even attempted to replicate. Man, I suck. But she doesn't. So go visit her site and sign her guestbook, dammit!

  Visit our new Fansite!

4.12.03: Flash cartoon
Our good friend J. at ill will press made a cool Flash cartoon. It's pro-indie music and anti-Dickheads  Who Forgot Where They Came From. *ahem* *Metallica* *ahem* And it features music by the missing:! How cool is that?

  View Flash cartoon

4.1.03: New website!
If you haven't figured out by now that the website looks completely different, you probably haven't been here before. Or maybe you're just stupid, because this site was a big ol' mess that you couldn't possibly miss. That is, until I bought a few of those "HTML for Dummies" books. 

Oh wait...that makes me stupid too. Shit.  

  Love it? Hate it? Tell me, fer cryin' out loud!

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