“Industrial tinged power metal with superb female vocals. I love this chick’s style! At a time when most female leads sound like a growling dog with a towel in its mouth or goth clone, DM can be smooth or scathing when needed.”

- Maximum Metal

“This reminded me a lot of the sadly missed Sapphic Ode. Great original music with some awesome female vocals. The band play metal with a industrial, weird edge that is hard to explain. The vocals are great, this girl has a hot voice and can belt out the tunes. The production is on the money and I could see this band easily getting a deal and selling lots of records.”

- Metal Core Fanzine

“From the first track to the last, this is the closest thing you can get to being at a really scary horror flick. A mix of heavy guitars, raunchy bass, pounding drums and ominous vocals creep deep inside your skin, don't listen to this one before you go to sleep. The overall sound is a very industrial gothic nightmare, opening with ‘Broken’ and bringing you to the end of all life with an excellent cover of Ministry’s ‘Scarecrow’. ‘Scary Kitty’ begins with an eerie feeling of being locked away, then pulses in your chest as the vocals rip through every fiber of hair on your body. If your life has been missing some great new gothic, industrial music you will want to add this CD to your collection...”

- Female Musicians Online

“More than just a female-led goth band, the missing: meshes elements of traditional power, industrial and goth into a dark ambiance of mood that eases you comfortably into solace until potent lead vocalist, DM--confident and sure as a cat, scratches the hell out of you, licks the bleeding wounds and sends you off to be battered some more. DM's vocals are great mix of Anneke Van Giersbergen's smoothness, the coarse confidence of Courtney Love and oddly enough the delivery (and some pitch) of old Metal Church singer Mike Howe. When the lyrics or mood call for ease or the need is for irritation, she's spot on.

“broken” starts the CD out and I'm quickly reminded of the progressive works of Tool with the prominent bass and rhythm section at the forefront. It pulls you in with tense thematics that put it a step above your average hook-leaden song. “scary kittie” is a cat-and-mouse game stalking across the fine line of S&M poetry and cheesiness. Feline sound effects would've been too much, but a guitar tone reminiscent of Megadeth and the best thrash bands gives this one enough heft to counter the more Euro-industrial keyboards. The plundering guitars and DM's ethereal vocals in “belief” transport you into a giant's dream. Her voice carries you away on an exotic trip high above the carnage as the rest of the band menaces the land below. “in two” may be the best song representative of the band with every element present--abrasion, softness, anger and madness. It's the half-loving/half-unhinged mate from Hell that is sweet one minute and screaming at you the next. Everything sounds very consistent until the final track “scarecrow”, which was originally done by Ministry. The guitars sound way more raw and dirty than the prior four numbers, but it's still a good song and a great trance-inducer.

the missing: is definitely a unique and talented band, and their CD bLEEd is both scathing and beautiful. With five great songs this one is highly recommended!”

- Maximum Metal

“They hit like a freight train one minute, and envelope their listeners in dark, subtle atmosphere the next. It’s a musical wire act few bands can even attempt, much less pull off, but the missing: make it look easy. Thick rhythms support bombastic guitar, while DM’s vocals dish out equal doses of vulnerable emotion and merciless punishment. Heavy metal — or its fans — have never had it this good.”

– Brian Stillman, Managing Editor, Revolver Magazine

“It’s always hard to give a review on only 3 songs (one of which is a cover) but that’s never stopped me before, so here we go. The Missing (great name) are from NYC, we have two guys, and two gals. On drums we have the just recruited Patrick Swift (formally of “Frail”), on guitar it’s “JJB” then we have Laurie on bass, and the ebony-maned Goth/Metal goddess “DM” on vocals. Yes boys and girls, she is every black-leather-clad, Crow-worshipping, Industrial / Goth boy’s (and some girl’s) wet dream. But when you hear her sing, your dick is gonna shrivel to the size of a peanut in fear. Her vocals sound like an unholy combination of Davey Havok (AFI), Dawn Crosby (Detente / Fear Of God) and Tairrie B. (Manhole / Tura Satana / My Ruin). This is only the band’s second offering to the world, they have a previous four-song EP out from 1998 called “Poor Dolly”, which also features the song “Scary Kitty” found here, plus three other tunes. Along with Scary Kitty, the other original on this demo is “Boogeyman”. These two songs are bizarre to say the least. Depending on what 5 second portion you want to analyze, you can find comparisons to almost every creepy-ass band on the planet; Ministry, My Ruin, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy...I could just go on pulling comparative band names out of my ass, but it’s gonna start getting silly. The songs are pretty jarring on the first spin, taking you in multiple directions all seemingly at the same time, but after a couple listens, you start to see the method behind the madness. The third song is a cover of Ministry’s “Scarecrow”. This is simply a brilliant, creepy sounding cover, and will soon be released as part of a tribute disc. The Missing will basically appeal to fans ranging from those that love Horror-Punk, to the harder side of Goth-Rock, and to those that like creepy, Industrial-tinged Metal.”

– Urotsukidoji's Pad

“Back to NYC with this female-fronted band that fuses old school Metal with Industrial/Darkwave and a bit of Techno. Sort of like Braindance on speed but I can make this a bit more descriptive of the 3 songs I have including a cover of Ministry’s “Scarecrow.” DM sounds like a cross between Doro Pesch and the chick from 45 Grave as far as vocals and the music is just raw power. Tool, Ministry, old Hardcore stuff maybe like the Tramps and L7 with a blend of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth for good measure and then all the Goth/Darkwave elements and DM’s shrillwork vocally. She fits perfectly into this band as well as the music. I need more songs as I’m having withdrawal problems at the moment.”

– Quintessence Metal Webzine

"The cd that I have chosen to review today is entitled “Poor Dolly”. A four song EP, that in my opinion blows the pants off most full length releases being pushed on us today by that corporate machine known as the music industry. The first track is “Scary Kitty” coming at almost five minutes long, this song is all about the vocals and industrial drum loops. Vocalist DM goes completely off the deep end in this track. Screaming a little then a little tenderness just long enough for a meow! Miss DM has a set of pipes - that’s for damn sure. The guitars on this song are plenty strong, too. The guitarist is a fuckin’ riff monster! The bassist is quite gifted as well, and because of this the backbeat of the songs are kept well in time. “Dying Room” is the second track and probably my standout track off the album. Maybe it’s because I am infatuated with the darker side of life? The one thing I do know is that DM's voice sounds painfully angelic as she belts out these lyrics...It seems as though lead vocalist DM has had a lot of pain, or either she enjoys writing about it, whatever it is it works damn good for this band!

Do yourself a favor and pick up this cd! You won't regret it! Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming Ministry tribute in which The Missing will contribute the song "Scarecrow". Simply dazzling! I cannot wait for more releases from this band. More rage, more darkness from one of the best out there! What could be any better??"

– Black Angel Promotions

"DM is the chick in charge for NYC metal band The Missing. With aggressive vocals and looks that could kill, DM will captivate you and make you wonder why you haven't experienced this band before. As one of the few female fronted acts in the scene, The Missing is one band that deserves more exposure. Any loyal fan will tell you that no one rocks as hard as this bunch and to hear them, is to love them. Their 4 song EP Poor Dolly is the kind you keep in constant rotation on your cd player. DM also has an awesome MP3 radio station called Who You Callin' A Bitch? that showcases equally talented female fronted bands. Absolutely worth checking out, DM and the band will leave you begging for more."

– Gothic Vixen

"It is virtually impossible for me to comprehend anyone not liking...not LOVING, this band. THE MISSING hails from NYC and is fronted by the lovely and talented DM. DM's beauty is what will first catch you, but it is her voice that will blow you away! Powerful and intoxicating, her vocals command the respect she deserves as a female artist. This heavy metal sensation is one worth checking out."

– Bleeding Minds, Featured Band Issue #6

"Excellent Female fronted industrial metal that defines the music of the next millennium. Very aggressive and well done. You must hear this band!"

– Industrial Symphonies

"Hard, fast, incredibly talented female vocals fronts hard-edged industrial music...takes industrial music to the metal edge of the spectrum, and keeps you begging for more."

– Industrial Zoning

"Rarely does a band come along where the sound fits the look, and with a band such as the missing:, that is a necessity. The music is harsh and abrasive, but also has the potential for a soothing sound. As do the female vocals; sultry and sadistic, evil and erotic. the missing: is a band that will undoubtedly make quite a name for themselves, and may even attain stardom. Let us just sit back and join them for the ride."

– Windowpain

"When was the last time a band really blew you away. I mean literally made your spine tingle from the pure pleasure of it? Poor Dolly by the missing: did exactly that to me and more. Fronted by powerful female vocals provided by DM, this NYC area band manages to entice, delight and electrify all who listen. DM's aggressive vocals could put any male fronted band to shame. The boys backing up DM on bass, guitar and drums hold their own with a seemingly endless support of pounding drum beats and heavy riffs that perfectly compliment the lyrics. This band is simply amazing and it's safe to say, I have found a new musical obsession. I could only imagine the sort of intensity that occurs at their live shows. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you find a way to get your hands on a copy of Poor Dolly. The only problem with this release is that it is a four track EP which means by the time it is done, you are left begging for more...there is an easy solution though, just listen to it all over again, and again, and again..."

– Bleeding Minds

"Strong, loud and musik that can definitely engage a crowd! CALLING ALL CRISIS FANS, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!! It has strong rhythm, and tight and talented musicianship. These fiendz incorporate many elements into their music: "Lead Into Gold" adds a more electronic feel to it, almost bordering into the industrial music realm...danceable too. "Justice" was a mix of metal/punk styles. Excellent!!! And GREAT lyrics...I also received a 2-song tape from these ghouls showing their consistency, onslaught and determination. This band has a lot going for them. Attitude Metal; try to get your hands on this!"

– Endemoniada Issue #13

"Thrashing guitars, heavy drum/synthesized beats, throbbing bass lines and a lead singer who can swoon from sweet to sinister in a matter of seconds. These components are what make up female fronted heavy metal band the missing:'s recently released EP, Poor Dolly. Although this is only an EP, it will leave you stunned. Lead singer DM's vocals captivate and shock you...A song that really stands out on Poor Dolly is 'Lead into Gold.' This song is a perfect example of the sweet to sinister vocals of DM. The verses are a little on the strong but feminine side until you reach the chorus, which sounds more like a demon singing than a woman...At first glance of this EP you right away think: 'Oh Great, another angry chick band wanting to be heard.' However after listening to it you realize that the missing: aren't out there just to scream, they have message and meaning in their music.."

– estrogen music

"the missing: restrain nothing from their audience, letting loose with an intense bombast of high energy riffs that generate spooky melodies. Female vocals spit bloody words that are at once mesmerizing and frightening."


"This act is a hard one to top. the missing: are one excellent unit...anyone into metal, goth, rock and theatrical flair will seriously get into the missing:. The pleasure was mine."

– Steppin' Out Magazine

"This is a dark sound that spells rage...and I would say it definitely has a sadomasochistic charm to it. Judging from the press photo and the scathing vocals, this girl could easily kick my ass..."

– More Sugar Entertainment

"Dark, heavy, pure, and with an intensity that hits you right in the face...this band is really worth checking out..."

– Metal Maidens

"Rawness and energy that reaches right into your soul and rips out your has such a piercing screech but also exercises self-control with her could not help but think what a perfect group of musicians. Each adds individuality and this somehow melts perfectly into loud, oozing, teeth-kicking music..."

– Dig This Reel

"This band doesn't waste time attacking you with their fierce brand of industrial/metal. Lead vocalist dm has rage in her vocals that is both powerful and well-directed. dm accentuates the lyrics in the right places, sometimes whispering, other times screaming with a ferocity that puts any man in his place."

– Modern Musician Monthly

"First class electro-goth with heavy guitars that speak of great things for this talented band. The lead singer is a vicious goth diva, angry and ready to take on the world with a dramatic vocal tone that can go from painfully melodic to completely sinister in the blink of an eye - check out "Dying Room" for an example of the haunting moodiness that she can so capably conjure. Backed by the tight rhythms of a live drummer and plenty of heavy guitar riffs, this band has a distinctive sound and seems to be doing everything right. At four songs, this is a brief but very effective listen, for it does its job of whetting my tastebuds in anticipation of a full-length release from the missing:."

– Chaotic Critiques e-zine Issue #11

"Four fistfuls of feminine rage, coiled and hammering. Hole comes to mind, and that great Diamanda Galas/John Paul Jones album, but the missing: are strong enough to fight off any comparisons. Such delightful subjects as stalkers, domestic violence, irredeemable scum and China's one-child policy are tackled with force and fury."

– Jim Santos' Demo Universe

"Poor Dolly is a great-sounding album that offers four strong tracks with wailing guitar licks throughout. This is head-banging music at its best. A few songs seem to address a personal vendetta as well as a national crisis: domestic abuse. One notable track, "Justice," deals with the problem head-on: 'So this is how you think a man's supposed to act?/You beat on women 'cause we don't hit back.' But DM, the lead vocalist, does hit back. Her rich voice emotes not only venom but an appealing theatrical quality...these psychologically dark waters have been explored many times before...but nobody rages about these subjects like a pissed-off woman..."

– The Westchester Weekly

"the missing: fuse Marilyn Manson stylized buzzsaw guitar riffs, bombastic bass and demon drumming, forming the foundations for the banshee-like wailing of vocalist dm...a lot of creativity and good ideas have gone into this...on the Portrait Of A Downward Spiraling Sioux Filthpig Antichrist Scale, I'd have to give it a 'Recommended'..."

– The Aquarian

"One of the few EPs that has the ability to kick you right between the eyes on the first listen. dm's vocals bore through a mélange of angry guitar and bass. the missing:'s style is a hybrid, featuring the dominatrixy singer's growling, howling and purring, husky hard-rock bass/lead guitar, and live drums...a local band worth checking out live..."

– Scrawl Magazine

"Singer dm possesses you immediately with vocals that fall somewhere between Siouxsie and Grace Slick. The band's music swells around her, rising to impossible heights and then dropping out to leave dm alone in darkness to fend for herself until she scratches and claws her way out. To describe them simply as a goth band would be a travesty..."

– MTV Out From Underground

"the missing: combine gothic sensibilities with the harshness and power of industrial music. While all the musicians in the band deserve praise, it is the vocals of dm that drive the band home. Her ability to hold a note alone sets her apart from many of her chooses to be heard, and it's lucky for us...she is capable of the harshest growls as well as mellifluous sounds..."

– The Poison Apple

During the Psychodrama Records' 1998 Tri-State Music Showcase, the missing: beat out 200 other bands to take first place in the Hard Rock/Metal category. Their success was covered in area newspapers:

"Does anyone remember Doro Pesch from Warlock? I always wanted to be her when I grew up -- heavy metal chick extraordinaire -- and the missing: has one of their very own. She's a raven-haired vixen who goes by the initials "dm" and feels no compulsion to keep her mouth shut and look pretty. While scared to death of her, I really admire her voice, which is clear, strong and quite beautiful, no matter how much she distorts it for the purpose of her noiresque singing machinations. the missing: is a shrapnel-laced concoction of heavy metal and goth-industrial. The overall effect is a grinding, sexy spookiness that creeps up and blackens your soul. Melodrama is revered, and it drives their riotous live shows..."

– The Westchester Weekly

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