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04.26.11: Liar liar, pants on fire!
Remember how in my last entry I said that my wedding Afterparty was going to be our last show ever? Well, it appears that the good people of Contempt are going to make a liar out of me, since they've asked us to play for their big anniversary party next month. And we agreed.

(Remember when Ozzy did that whole "No More Tours" thing in the 90s? And then he went and did like, a zillion more tours? Yeah. I doubt we'll be doing much more after this, but still...who knew our last show would book us another gig, right?)

The lineup will be a hybrid featuring members from the old and (current?) lineup, so we'll be playing a mashup of old and, well, older tunes. But I guarantee, it'll be fun. Wear your earplugs, kiddies!

Anyhoo, if you want the details, go to the shows page. And come out to see us for our very last show ever. Again. I really mean it this time.


10.04.10: Celebrate and Farewell
So I've got some big news and some *really* big news for you all. For one, I'm getting married. And oddly enough, that's not the really big news. Nope, the *really* big news is that the missing: will performing at my wedding Afterparty, and it's going to be our last show. As in, ever.

*sniff* Yup, it's unfortunately time to say goodbye, but before we do, we've got one last surprise up our sleeves.

We're getting the band back together.

That's right kids, for one night only, the old lineup will be hitting the stage, and we'll be doing songs we haven't played in over 11 years!! And to close out the night, the current lineup will take over, and we haven't been onstage since 2008. (Holy shit, has it been that long already?)

In between, we're staging a Heavy Metal Cabaret with bellydancers, a cabaret singer, a sideshow carny, a fan dancer, and a ukulele act. (Betcha haven't seen one of those lately!) Not to mention that DJ Rickilicious will be spinning ear-shredding metal all night long. Go to my wedding website and check out all the details. The date is November 13th, the show starts at 11:00, and I really hope to see some of you there to celebrate (and say farewell) with us. It's going to be sad, but it's also going to ROCK.

I think I'm even gonna break down and post the lyrics to the old songs. Mainly because I don't remember them myself. Yikes!

07.01.08: WTF?
I just logged in again and saw that all of my previous updates for the past year were never published online. No wonder you guys sent me so many angry emails asking where the hell we were. My bad.

So the bottom line is: yes, we're still together. No, we're not playing any shows. But when we start putting together new recordings, we'll get this online shit back in order, 'cuz right now it's a disaster. In the meantime, we've still got this site and My Space, where you can download our tunes for free. And who doesn't like free stuff?

01.25.08: Finally!
School is over, and (although we still have no fucking drummer) we've decided to start writing again. I doubt there will be any shows for a while, but hey, you never know.

08.18.07: Time out
Sorry for the lack of updates, but we've kind of been on hold while I go to paramedic school. Which cannot possibly be over soon enough to make me happy.

06.15.06: Welcome, Fred!
The same glitches that have been keeping us offstage have also kept me from properly introducing our new bassist. Feel free to send me hate mail about it, I already know how much I suck. 

Anyhoo, why don't you stop by and say hello to Fred; it would do his blackened little heart good.
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05.08.06: We're working on it
A few glitches in the system have been keeping us off stage as of late. Tune in again shortly.

01.02.06: This Just In
We just found out that we were named one of the "Best Indy Release Albums of 2005" by Maximum Metal, probably the most intelligent and insightful metal 'zine on the web. 

So just in case you didn't know it already, WE RULE. ;P
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